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The platform doesn't seem to be working properly, what’s going on?

Try disabling adblockers, or switching to a different browser or device. We test everything on the most common browsers and devices but can’t account for all of them. Sometimes there are software updates that break something in the backend. Please let us know if the problem persists so that we can investigate.

I saved my certificate answers but I can't see them anymore (save & continue later feature)

Make sure you read the instructions given when saving your form. A special link will be generated and only with that link you will be able to retrieve your answers so please copy and save it. You can also enter your email address to receive an email with your link. Note that your answers won’t show when you log back in, you need to click the link given to see your answers again. (see example below)

How do I redeem my Sponsor Coupon?

Simply forward your email notification to your sponsor couple. They can use it to zero the cart for their enrollment in the sponsor course.

The timer doesn't seem to be working

Here is a few things you could try doing to make sure the timer doesn’t stop running.

  1. Chrome seems to work better with our platform and timer, so it’s best to use that
  2. Every few minutes refresh the page or click something and check to see if the timer is still running (your timer is displayed in the side bar)
  3. If you walk away from the page our system after 10 minutes will pop up a window to ask you if you are still there, you must click “yes” for the timer to continue to run otherwise it will consider you are inactive and it will stop again
  4. Turn off any adblockers you may have in your browser

How do we access the quiz?

You must spend a minimum of one hour in each lesson before the quiz will activate. Watching the videos and doing the activities (the very minimum) should take you and your fiancé around 1.5 – 2 hours so you should have no problem meeting the minimum time.

How do we speed up the course?

The course is designed to walk with you towards your wedding day, preparing you thoroughly for your commitment to live Catholic Marriage. We can’t prepare you properly without you giving sufficient time and attention to the course so progression and time locks have been installed to ensure that a minimum time is spent on the platform (min 1 hour each lesson). The ideal is to cover one lesson per week so that you have sufficient time to complete the activities and practice the tools being taught. If you need to go faster than this, you can do more than one lesson per week, but you will degrade your experience and the value you derive from the course.

We've completed the assessment, how do we get the certificate?

If you’ve completed the assessment the certificate and report should be in your inbox. Please check your spam folder and make sure that you ‘whitelist’ our email address.

I've checked the spam folder but can't find the certificate

Oh dear! Perhaps you made a typo in your email address on the form? The first step is to check your fiancé’s inbox and spam folder as we send a copy to both email addresses. You could also check with your celebrant/supervisor as we send a copy directly to him as well. Failing that, contact our office and we’ll forward another copy – please allow one week for us to do this.

How is our progress assessed?

At the end of each Lesson, you will complete an online quiz designed to ensure that you have understood the key concepts. You need at least 80% to advance to the next lesson and quizzes may not be attempted until you have spent a minimum one hour in the lesson. Quiz questions can be previewed in the workbooks.

At the end of the course, you will do an assessment whereby each of you separately completes a series of short answer questions. Your answers are then compiled into a report for your celebrant who may want to discuss some of your answers with you. A certificate is also generated at this time.

To make it easier for you, the questions are provided in the workbook so that you can draft your answers before you submit them. It’s not a test and there are no wrong answers. The purpose of the quizzes and assessment is to help us support you and ensure that you’ve mastered concepts, frameworks and tools.

What do we need to do this course?

All you need is a computer/tablet/mobile device with high-speed internet access, the printed workbooks and a pen.

SmartLoving Engaged Online is a comprehensive course that uses the power of paper and digital media to guide you through interpersonal activities with your fiance.

Your course comes with a digital PDF (200 pages) of the printed handouts with permission to print one each for you and your fiance. It is available to download in Lesson 0: Admin as a complete set. Alternatively, you can order printed copies from the estore at very reasonable prices: here 

Where do we find the workbook?

You’ll find the link to download and print the PDF workbook in Lesson 0: Admin.

Alternatively, you can order the workbooks to be posted to you from the eStore: here.

The print workbooks save you a LOT of time and will greatly enhance your experience.

What if we get interrupted?

Don’t stress! If you haven’t checked in for a while, our built in reminder system will send you a friendly email prompt.

While it may still be months from your wedding, we know from experience that couples who delay their preparation end up having to cram in the last few weeks – the busiest weeks of the engagement period!

We want you to get the best value from the course, so we’ll be sure to send you a reminder if we haven’t seen you for more than a week.

Remember, your registration includes access for two years so you should have plenty of time to complete the course and revisit the lessons for a refresher during your first year of marriage.

What if we fail the course?

Don’t worry! You can’t fail the course and our goal is to equip you for success in your marriage so we’re committed to seeing you flourish.

To progress through the course, you will need to get at least 80% in each quiz. The questions are straight forward and can be previewed in your workbooks.

We want to make sure that you’ve understood the concepts and applied the tools – that’s why the ‘pass’ mark is 80% rather than 50%. 

If you get under 80% our system will direct you to the sections you need to revisit. When you’ve done this, attempt the quiz again. When you get to 80% the next lesson will unlock and you can progress.

We completed the enrollment form but we're not sure if it submitted

If you pressed submit, our system will receive your data and you should be able to progress. If you can’t progress, try submitting the form a second time. Some forms will reappear when you refresh the page or revisit later but you don’t need to resubmit each time. Make sure that you whitelist our email address ([email protected]) so that you can receive communications from us including your certificate at the end of the course.

There's a mistake on our certificate, what can we do?

Your certificate is generated from the details you type during your assessment. If you made a typo, this will appear on the certificate and report. The first step is to check with your celebrant/supervisor whether the detail needs to be corrected – many dioceses only require the celebrant to sight the certificate as evidence of your participation and do not keep a record of the details. If he requires the certificate to be corrected, please contact our office and we will manually reissue it. Please allow one week for us to do this.


How do I use the Sponsor Gift Coupon?

At the checkout, enter your code into the coupon field. If you wish to purchase print copies of the workbooks there is an additional charge. Add them to your cart and complete your details as normal. Click HERE to add the course to your cart.

Do we need workbooks?

Yes, one for each of you. You cannot participate in the course or effectively support your engaged couple without them. You can print your own from the PDF supplied (200 pages) or order a pack through the online store.

What happens if a serious issue comes up?


What happens at the end of the course?


Read more FAQs for Sponsors

The Marriage Kit

How long will the course take?

The course takes about 10 hours to complete. There are many videos to watch as well as individual activities to complete. To make the most out of the course, we suggest you take your time completing the activities and progress through the course sequentially.

What do we need to do this course?

All you need a computer/tablet/mobile device with high-speed internet access, the printed handouts and a pen. Alternatively, you can complete the activities in the interactive PDF. The handouts are available to download at the beginning of each lesson. We recommend that you have a pen and notebook on hand for longform answers.

When does my account expire?

You will have 365 days to complete The Marriage Kit Online from the date of purchase. The best time to start the course is NOW!


How long will the course take?

The course takes from 3-4 hours to complete. There are many videos to watch as well as individual activities to complete. To make the most out of the course, we suggest you take your time completing the activities and progress through the course sequentially.

What do we need to do this course?

All you need a computer/tablet/mobile device with high-speed internet access, the printed handouts and a pen.

BreakThrough Online uses the power of both paper and digital media. Your course comes with a digital PDF with permission to print one for you and your spouse (if you are doing the course together). It is available to download in Lesson 1 of the course.

When does my account expire?

You will have 365 days to complete BreakThrough Online from the date of purchase. The best time to start the course is NOW!


I am using hormonal contraception - can I use SmartFertility?

You can certainly learn what is involved in using a Fertility Awareness Method like SmartFertility, but you won’t be able to apply it until you discontinue hormonal contraception. This is because, hormonal contraception disrupts the normal ovulation cycle by suppressing the body’s natural production of reproductive hormones. In particular, the synthetic progesterone that is used blocks the effect of estrogen. So you will be unlikely to see any of the fertile cervical fluid build-up.

It can take several months once you discontinue hormonal contraception for your cycle to fully recover as residual synthetic hormones can still be present in your body. Every woman is different and the return to fertility can be as short as a few weeks, or many months.

You should begin recording your fertility biomarkers now and discontinue hormonal contraception as soon as possible, taking into account that you may need additional time for your fertile pattern to stabilise and to confidently use SmartFertility. Assuming that you had normal fertility before beginning hormonal contraception, once the synthetic hormones are out of your system, SmartFertility works just like any other situation. The only tricky part is navigating the transition to being synthetic hormone free.

I don't want to use any contraception, like condoms or pills. Can I still use SmartFertility?

Of course! SmartFertility is unique from other fertility management systems because we explicitly do not recommend the use barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms, or hormonal methods of contraception, such as the morning after pill, on your fertile days.

What makes SmartFertility different from other natural fertility apps and programs?

SmartFertility uniquely recognises and emphasises the importance of discernment as part of fertility management. Your fertility goals – whether you are avoiding, or trying to achieve pregnancy – are a vital part of your journey. It’s important to revisit these goals regularly, but this can be a difficult topic to discuss as a couple.

SmartFertility was co-authored by world-renowned marriage experts, Francine and Byron Pirola, and is designed to help couples discern fertility goals as part of natural fertility management. SmartFertility’s inbuilt discussion tools strengthen your connection as a couple, and to make fertility management an intentional, enjoyable and meaningful part of your relationship.

Is SmartFertility suitable for us?

SmartFertility is designed for married and engaged couples. SmartFertility is a fertility management system that combines Catholic teachings with scientific methodology, and is a natural, non-invasive alternative to contraceptive technology and products. It can be used by single women to monitor their fertility cycle, but keep in mind that it is a management system designed for couples.

SmartFertility (and all of SmartLoving’s courses) can only be used if you’re of legal age (18 years old in Australia).

Does SmartFertility protect against STIs?

No, it does not. SmartFertility is designed for fertility management, not STI prevention. 

I have irregular periods. Can I still use SmartFertility?

Unlike older methods that rely on cycle history to predict the fertile window, SmartFertility uses biomarkers that are tracking your ovulation cycle in real time. In other words, it is not dependent on having regular cycles, although, it is easier to learn the method if your cycles are predictable.

If you have irregular cycles, you might find it helpful to have a personal fertility educator to assist you during the learning phase. Keep in mind, that while it is normal to have some variation in cycle length, highly irregular cycles can be a symptom of a reproductive health issue and should be investigated by your doctor.

We're not ready for a pregnancy right now - is SmartFertility suitable for us?

Absolutely! SmartFertility is based on the SymptoThermal Method, a highly reliable method for postponing pregnancy when used correctly. You need to allow yourselves about three months to learn how to identify your fertile window and then follow the lovemaking guidelines to be confident of success in postponing pregnancy.

However, we would also encourage you to stay open to the possibility of pregnancy as sometimes a surprise baby is a unexpected blessing to a couple.

We've previously had trouble falling pregnant, will SmartFertility be able to help us conceive?

SmartFertility assists you in identifying your fertile window and your fertility peak. If timing is your issue, SmartFertility will be a significant help and will allow you to time your lovemaking to maximise your chances of conception. 

If there are other issues associated with your ability to conceive, SmartFertility can provide important information about your reproductive health which may help in diagnosing the problem. 

How effective is SmartFertility?

SmartFertility is based on the SymptoThermal Method which has been shown to have a pregnancy rate of 0-3% when used properly. To see a review of various methods, visit Birth Control Methods References

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